Frequently Asked Questions

+What kind of maintenance does my CPAP/BiPAP require?

You should change your pollen filters and clean the foam filters on a regular basis. The pollen filter should be changed at least monthly if not sooner depending on your environment and how quickly it fills up. The foam filter should also be replaced or washed with a mild soap and water solutions and then rinsed and allowed to dry.
Never re-install the foam filter until it has completely dried.

+Why is it important to change my filters on a regular basis?

Running you CPAP/BiPAP with dirty filters and or no ultra fine filter can decrease the life of your CPAP. When a CPAP/BiPAP is run with filters that are dirty it causes the motor to run harder to produce the same amount of air flow causing the blower to fail sooner.

+Why is it important to use an ultra fine filter as well as my foam filters?

Running the machine without filters causes a buildup of dirt in the patient circuit which is not only unhealthy to breath, but very hard on the bearings in the blower.

+My CPAP/BiPAP seems to be noisier lately, what could the cause be?

Often times when machines get noisier the bearings are failing and the blower needs to be replaced. Sometimes this is due to normal use and sometimes it can be due to running your machine without ultrafine filters or in a dusty environment.

+How much does it cost to replace the blower in my machine?

Depending on the type of machine you own the part can range from $90-$200 for a new blower. DFS Sleep charges a flat $75 for labor on any repair. This covers diagnosis, general cleaning, and recalibrating the machine. We also will provide you with a one year in house warranty on any repair.

+I have a REMstar machine and recently it started blowing air at full force, What could be wrong?

Often times a barb on the outlet port which connects to the pressure sensor will break and the machine no longer knows what pressure the blower is producing. Of course we can’t tell for sure unless we actually inspect the machine. DFS Sleep will diagnose the problem with your machine for $25.

+I get an error code when I turn on my machine. What do they mean?

DFS Sleep can help you with interpreting these error messages over the phone. We can also give you an estimate of what it may take to fix the machine. Of course until we inspect we won’t know for sure what the problem is. DFS Sleep’s charge for diagnosing a CPAP/BiPAP is $25.

+Will my insurance cover the repair of my CPAP/BiPAP?

Typically, insurance carriers will not cover the repair of a CPAP/BiPAP. Although, we don’t accept insurance you should still check with your provider to make sure they won’t reimburse you directly. However repairing a CPAP/BiPAP is often much less expensive than replacing it.

+I got water in my CPAP/BiPAP and now it is giving me a service required message. What could the problem be and how much does it cost to fix it?

Water can damages a machine’s pressure sensor and blower bearings. If the pressure sensor is damaged it can no longer read the pressure the motor is producing and therefore is unable to operate. If water got in the blower it can actually seize. The cost of the repair of course depends on the type of machine you own and whether it damaged both parts. Some pressure sensors are their own electronic component and some are contained right on the main circuit board. The cost of the part starts at $135. Of course DFS Sleep only charges a flat $75 service fee to diagnose, repair, and recalibrate any machine.

+I have a REMstar BiPAP PRO2/AUTO machine and the pressure started being eractic. What could be wrong?

It has been our experience that when this occurs the tubing line which connects the blower to the main circuit board has broken. This tubing actually runs to a pressure sensor on the main circuit board. The tubing is connected via a barb on the blower casing. Often the barb on the blower casing has broken off therefore the machine doesn’t know what pressure the blower is producing. The blower will need to be replaced as Respironics doesn’t sell just the blower casing. However when you replace the blower you are replacing one of the main components in your BiPAP and you should get many more years of use from your machine.

+My machine is not functioning properly what are some things I should consider when making the decision whether to buy a new one or repair the old one?

The first thing to consider is the cost of the repair vs the cost of a new machine. Many times the cost to repair the machine is much cheaper than buying a new machine. Secondly, consider the advantages to a new machine. Are you a person who wants to turn on the CPAP at night and go to sleep or will you use the new features in a new model. Lastly, consider whether switching machines will help you sleep better. Some people love the new machines because they seem to be quieter. Other people are used to the unique white noise of their CPAP and changing machines even to a “quieter” machines causes disturbances to sleep.

+How much will you charge to evaluate the problem with my machine?

The charge to evaluate a machine is $25. Of course we will always provide you with a written estimate before proceeding with the repair. Should you decide to repair the machine, the $25 fee will be applied to the $75 flat rate repair charge.

+What does the one year in house warranty cover and not cover?

Our warranty covers regular use of a CPAP/BiPAP it doesn’t include damage from water or physical damage.

+How long will it take to repair my machine?

Because we stock most parts we are able to complete most repairs within 2 business days.

+What are the advantages of renting a machine?

It’s hassle free. You don’t need to worry about what happens if there is a problem. We replace the blowers every 3 years. And if you accidently damage it with water you pay only the cost of the part. In addition you are enrolled in the filter/hose replacement program

+Why should I enroll in the automatic filter/hose replacement program?

Changing filters is an important part of the routine maintenance of any CPAP/BiPAP machine. With our filter service you not only get 3 new ultrafine filters and 3 in-line anti-bacteria filters, but a new hose and foam filter every six months. Plus you don’t ever have to worry about re-ordering again.

+Can I discontinue the automatic filter/hose replacement program at anytime?

There is a 6 month minimum enrollment in the filter/hose replacement program. After that you can stop at anytime.

+Does DFS Sleep accept insurance?

In an effort to keep cost low we have chosen not to accept insurance. The administrative costs associated with filing insurance claims are quiet high. However, please keep in mind that medical equipment is an expense that can be reimbursed from HSA plans and Flexible Benefit Plans.

+Will I need a prescription before I can order a CPAP/BiPAP?

Yes, CPAP/BiPAP equipment are only available with a prescription. If you don’t have a current subscription we can help you with a form to take to your doctor requesting an update to your prescription.